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At Frankman Motor Company in Sioux Falls, SD,  we've been selling quality used cars since 1988, back when some of today's car salesmen were riding tricycles. We know which used cars are reliable, which ones hold their value and which might work best for you. When you talk to us, we won't try to sell you today's special. We'll listen to your needs and help you find the right vehicle, and we have more than enough models to choose from.
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At a time when good used cars are hard to find, we have about 250 in stock 

We know there's a shortage of new cars which is why good used cars are hard to find. But that hasn't stopped us. We always have a big selection and plenty of variety, including cars, SUVs, pickup trucks and heavy duty trucks. Also, Frankman has the biggest selection of Diesel Trucks around. We also have late model cars, low-priced cars under $10,000, and classic cars. So chances are, our Sioux Falls used car dealership has what you want. Looking for a Used Luxury Car? We have Mercedes-Benz in stock today. Browse online to see what we mean by variety, then come see us to find your next car.

Why buy a used car instead of a new one? What are the advantages?

A clean, well-maintained used car, truck or SUV can be one of the best investments you'll ever make. As you know, a new car depreciates by thousands of dollars the moment you drive it off the dealer's lot. When you're looking at a good used vehicle, that big depreciation has already been subtracted from the price. Some recent model used cars are so well-built, they can perform reliably for hundreds of thousands of miles. We always make sure to stock a healthy selection of low-mileage vehicles, for customers who want that like-new feel. Don't want to break the bank? We've got a great selection of vehicles Under $20,000 and Under $10,000.

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Can a used car help me save on car insurance?

With a good used sedan, truck or SUV, the lower selling price means it will cost less to insure it than a comparable new car. If you're buying a fairly recent-model used vehicle, it's likely to have many of the same features and technology you'd get in a new car. That's especially true of a used luxury car. Once advanced features are introduced, they tend to stay basically the same for several years, so a good used model can be a bargain.

What mileage is considered good for a used car?

Let's start with the fact that the average car in nearby communities like Brandon and Harrisburg SD gets driven about 12,000 miles a year. So if you just multiply the car's age by 12,000 miles, you can tell if a used car is above or below average. For example, average mileage for a 5-year-old vehicle would be 5 years x 12,000 miles = 60,000 miles. 

But there's more to evaluating a pre-owned vehicle than just the number on the odometer. Some used cars are in bad shape after 60,000 miles, simply because the original owner didn't take good care of it. That usually means the owner didn't keep the vehicle clean, didn't do regular maintenance like oil changes and didn't get repairs done early enough to keep the problem from getting worse.

Other used vehicles can be a good deal even with an average number of miles like 60,000. If the owner or owners consistently maintained the vehicle, and the brand and model have a proven history of long-term reliability, the car might be a great value. If the car had very good care and a positive vehicle history, it might perform even better for you than a newer vehicle that isn't one of the most reliable models. Check out Frankman Preferred Certified Used Car Inventory for extra buying benefits!

What used cars are known for being reliable? Let's start with the Honda CR-V

A used Honda CR-V will have an impressive pedigree. The CR-V keeps winning awards for its new cars in the "Best Value Brand" category, according to experts like Kelley Blue Book and U.S. News & World Report. So if you find a Honda CR-V in our inventory, and you often will, assuming miles are reasonable and its history is favorable, that's an SUV well worth considering, whether you're driving in from Tea or Hartford SD.

Toyota Highlander

Toyota is another brand which, like Honda, has a longstanding reputation for high quality and reliability. That's why so many Toyota and Honda models have such high resale value, and why they're worth the extra money. As a full-size Jeep SUV, the Highlander has a lot to love, with seating for as many as eight and plenty of cargo space.

Toyota Tundra and Ford F-150 pickups

The Ford F-150 is the best-selling vehicle in the world for many reasons, including its reputation for reliability. That's why we virtually always have several good used F-150 choices in stock and we recommend them highly. But in terms of pure reliability in a full-size pickup, a used Toyota Tundra is hard to beat. The Tundra will typically have a formidable V8 engine and a model like the 2015 version can tow as much as 10,000 pounds.

We're just getting started: Talk to us soon for advice on the best used vehicle for your family

There's so much more we could share about used cars, and we'd love to do it in person. We still have excellent inventory because we didn't stop buying used cars when other dealers did, and we use a low-key approach we think you'll appreciate. Browse our outstanding online selection of used cars, trucks and SUVs in just about every category, then contact us soon for a test drive at Frankman Motor Company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 

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