Service Maintenance: Why Regular Car Maintenance is Important

Servicing your vehicle regularly comes with many benefits. The fact that your car appears to work well doesn't necessarily mean everything is perfect. Some technical issues are difficult to notice unless you take your vehicle to a service center. You can avoid unnecessary and costly repairs by ensuring a qualified technician checks your vehicle. You can use your owner's manual to know when to take your vehicle for maintenance. You don't have to wait till your car breaks down before you start looking for an expert in Sioux Falls to check what's wrong. Schedule Service now.

Routine Maintenance at Frankman Motor Company

Our objective is to ensure that your vehicle is always in perfect condition. Driving a vehicle that's not well-maintained is unsafe for you and other road users. Surprisingly, some of the maintenance jobs done at Frankman Motor Company can also be easily performed. You are likely to pick up minor issues if you take some time every month to check the condition of your vehicle. Minor issues left for a long time without being addressed can lead to a total breakdown of your vehicle.

Common maintenance services at Frankman Motor Company

  • Oil changes: Oil is a lubricant for the engine. It helps prevent excessive friction by keeping the fast-moving parts in your vehicle lubricated. With time, the oil can reduce or lose its effectiveness, causing problems for the vehicle. That's why you need an oil change regularly.
  • Tire Rotation: Tire rotation is a preemptive service similar to oil changes. Tires generally wear out as you use them. By rotating them, we help even out the wear and tear. This is a quick and affordable service we offer drivers.
  • Brake pad replacement: Brakes are some of the most important parts of your vehicle when it comes to safety. Your vehicle needs brake pad replacement to enhance safety.
  • Engine air filter replacement: Drivers around Houston, TX understand the importance of engine filter replacement. Air filters are small devices designed to filter the air that gets inside the engine. It blocks debris and dust that accompanies the air. With time, the air filter gets dirty and cannot perform its function. That's why it requires regular monitoring and replacement if necessary.
  • Tire replacement: No matter how careful you drive, your tire tread will eventually wear and become thin and unsafe for driving. Roads from Orlando, FL to Miami, FL can sometimes be tough and speed up the wear and tear of your tires. Bringing your car to our service center will help us assess it and do a replacement if necessary.
  • Battery replacement: Just like any device in your vehicle, your car uses a battery to run. Your car won't be able to power on without a functioning battery to turn on the electrical devices. While an alternator is used to charge the battery, it reaches a point where the battery is unable to store charge. The best way to deal with this problem is to have a battery replacement.
  • Tire inflation: It is common for drivers in Dallas, TX to experience tire inflation. Driving with an inflated tire can be a dangerous affair. If your tires keep losing air, visiting our service center would be a good idea. Our technicians will try to find the source of the problem and recommend the best solution.

Why Service at Frankman Motor Company?

We have a team of certified technicians who have experience handling all vehicles. Our friendly and professional staff will inspect your vehicle and perform the necessary repairs within the shortest time possible.

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