Shop Online & Buy the Vehicle You've Dreamed of Owning

With everything becoming available online, it makes sense that our team here at Frankman Motor Company in Sioux Falls has stepped up and given our customers that convenience when purchasing used cars. Through Digital Retailing, you can bring home that used Chevy, Jeep, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, Toyota, or Honda model on your terms. The first step is shopping our inventory and finding the vehicle that speaks to your lifestyle and budget, and then you can advance to step two.

After the used car has been located, click the Accelerate My Deal button to get the process started. Follow these steps, and in a matter of minutes, you could be customizing your auto loan and applying for approval without leaving home. In the uncertain times during the COVID-19 pandemic, it's important to stay safe while getting your needs met, and needing transportation isn't something that ever goes away. Our digital retailing tools aim to reduce your exposure to individuals outside of your home to keep you safer.

During any point in the process, don't forget that you have our team here to answer your questions or set your worries at ease. We know that you have a certain idea in mind when it comes to you perfect vehicle, and we're ready to help you get into the vehicle that works the best for you.