When you've been dealing used cars for as long as we have in Sioux Falls, flexibility and transparency are the keys to success. The ways we accomplish that are by always being malleable to what our customers want and by having all the facts readily available for every vehicle on our lot.

In the case of the former, we've noticed an uptick in our customers wanting to get pre-purchase inspections on their vehicles before they bring them to us. This is something we not only accept, but we encourage our customers to do.

Of course, our team of factory-certified technicians performs a comprehensive inspection on all used vehicles that come through our dealership not only to ensure quality and integrity but to make sure they are safe for long term use. However, some customers like to have a mechanic they are familiar with giving it a look-see so that there are no surprises.

As with many things in life, having a second set of eyes to look over your vehicle is always a good thing. We like to know exactly what we're getting into just as much as you do, and as always, ensuring you get the proper value on your trade-in is always our goal.

In turn, we want the vehicles you trade-in to our dealership to be of the highest possible quality, so that whoever decides to make your old car their next car, will be happy with their purchase.

No matter if you're looking to buy or sell your used vehicle, we can't wait to see you at our dealership.

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