Here at Frankman Motor Company, we want to help you find the best vehicle for your personal and family needs. We always have a wide variety of used Nissan, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen sedans, among other brands, and would love to show you around our current inventory today!

What Type Of Used Sedans Do We Offer?

Drivers in Sioux Falls express appreciation for Nissan sedans because of their exceeding power. This power comes from the vehicles' VQ engines. These strong and durable engines empower drivers to enjoy their sedan's excellent overall performance. Nissan sedans include capabilities for some of the highest speeds among sedans and, most Nissan vehicles made since 1996, are either electric or hybrid, making them excellent choices for environmental consciousness and financial factors.

Sioux Falls customers who want to buy a sedan for extensive family road trips tend to choose more compact vehicles. In doing so, they choose vehicles with some of the most reliable safety features. All Nissan sedans include the brand's unique CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) to ensure each vehicle can reach extra high speeds while remaining safe to drive.

Our dealership also offers options for Chevrolet sedans. These sedans, like Nissan's, offer excellent fuel efficiency. Utilizing electric motors, they help you make the most use possible out of each gallon. The brand tends to be ranked highest on lists of the most affordable and cost-effective sedans. You will be able to choose between vehicles with LT electric motors and Premier electric motors. This choice depends on how you intend to use your sedan most. Vehicles with an LT motor are less expensive and easier to handle. Vehicles with the Premier motor achieve higher speeds and greater power; they allow drivers to venture into more types of terrain.

Drivers in Sioux Falls tend to think of Volkswagen sedans as the most elegantly designed sedans on the market. The more compact sedans are appreciated for their large amounts of packing space. In general, their engines' power and torque capabilities are comparable with the sedans of the other brands we have looked at here. However, some of the later models made improvements on overall efficiency from some of their earlier counterparts. Our customers in Sioux Falls love their Volkswagen sedans, especially because of the vehicle's excellent performance in all types of weather conditions.

Once you've had the chance to consider these factors, you can ask us to test-drive the used sedans that fit your interests. We have many used sedans in stock at our Frankman Motor Company dealership, and we'd love to offer you a test drive today!

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